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Fitness Tracking for Paddleboarding

Fitness Tracking for Paddleboarding

Fitness trackers are great for tracking heart rate, distance, calories, and more on dry land, but what about when you are paddling on the water? Depending on your goals, there is certainly a solution for you.

Apple Solutions – if you have a waterproof case or bag and an iPhone, downloading an app like https://paddlelogger.com/ can track time, speed, distance, and calories.

Paddle Logger also offers an Apple Watch app that monitors heart rates and integrates with Apple Health fills your Activity Rings.

Garmin: Garmin has embraced paddle sports. Many models feature sets for paddle sports includes stroke count, stroke rate and distance per stroke.  Here is a review of the Garmin Fenix 5X. 

FitBit: One way that you can track paddleboarding on your FitBit or any other fitness tracker is to log it as a comparable exercise. For instance, paddleboarding is generally in the same boat calories-wise as running. So, if you want to go paddle boarding for an hour, you can simply log the exercise like running and have it be around the same in terms of numbers. You’ll just need to remember, though, which times you used running for paddleboarding in case you get mixed up and can’t remember those times that you actually went running. Cycle through some of the other fitness categories on your device and find ones that are similar in intensity to paddleboarding. Then, stick with those and find ways to remember which ones were the water-based activities.

SpeedCoach SUP 2: If you’re looking for a bit more technical data, The SpeedCoach SUP 2 Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board Monitor covers all your needs, whether paddling recreationally for fitness or racing on the SUP circuit (Nielsen-Kellerman). The unit is the ideal fitness and training device for all level paddlers. The SpeedCoach SUP 2 measurements include speed, distance, glide, stroke rate, SUP-specific calorie burn, and heart rate measurements.

The device feature of speed measurement enables the user to get real-time speed without slowing down to peek at their watch. The device's 5Hz GPS allows the users to record accurate and responsive rates. Also, the distance measuring feature enables the user to record precise distance with the unit's 5 Hz GPS processor. Compared to most GPS watches that record satellite reading once a second, the unit is unique as it pulls satellites readings five times a second. The Glide feature on the device allows the user to save energy by determining how effective the strokes they make are. The watch enables the user to obtain the maximum glide and speed while utilizing the minimum energy quantities.

The stroke rate measurement feature on the device allows actual stroke rate data that is critical to enhancing the user's performance and helping to ascertain which board and paddle are suitable for the user. The SUP-Specific Calorie Burn feature includes NK's apt calculation of energy disbursement exhibited as both overall calories burned every hour. Lastly, the device has a heart rate feature that allows users to connect the device with a heart rate belt that enables heart rate logging and monitoring. Also, the heart rate measurement feature offers an even more precise analysis of the user's energy expenditure.

The devices offer other features, such as programmable workouts. It enables the users to program their exercise on the device based on distance or time. The unit allows wireless data transfer and review on computers for viewing and storage. The data recall feature allows for in-depth reviews of measurements on the water. The Two Flex Fields allows user to determine which measurements are essential to them and display them in the two bottom flex fields. The unit enables users' wireless features and firmware updates. Lastly, the auto backlight feature on the unit allows the user to get the most out of their late night and early morning paddles with suitable lighting.

No matter your goals, from basic to advanced tracking, there's certainly a solution for you. 

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