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Meet Kentucky and Derby!

Meet Kentucky and Derby!

Kentucky and Derby here!

We originally hail from Atlanta Georgia, we moved to sunny San Diego in 2016 and we love it!

When we moved to San Diego, we wanted to explore all the new activities our new city has to offer.  Water sports come with the territory, and we fell in love with surfing and paddle boarding.  Paddle boarding was our first adventure to tackle, my main priority was getting Derby very comfortable in the water and on uneven and unstable surfaces. 


When we lived in Atlanta, Derby didn’t have a lot of exposure to water, he was familiar with swimming pools and not much else.  When I decided that I wanted to learn to paddle board with him, I realized that I first had to get him very comfortable in the water. 

Playing fetch and throwing his favorite toys in to the water was the first step.  Then we went swimming together, making sure Derby felt comfortable moving around in his new life jacket.  Once he was comfortable being in the water, I wanted to get him comfortable on the board, on land.  Making sure he stays in a certain spot, pretending to shake the board to get him off balance like what he will experience in the water. 


Next, I brought him in shallow water and got him comfortable on the board, helped him learn to catch his balance etc.  Then we started practicing with both of us on the board and the rest is history!

These days you can find us on the water, surfing or paddle boarding.  If you see us out there, come say hi!

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