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Swim, see, and paddleboard with Florida’s peaceful Manatees

Swim, see, and paddleboard with Florida’s peaceful Manatees

Looking for a beautiful, unique and memorable experience – go no further than Crystal River, Florida, for a bucket list paddle for any adventurer.  To get there, launching off point and parking is either Hunter Spring, 18 NE 2nd St Crystal River, FL 34429, or Kings Landing 268 NW 3rd St, Crystal River, FL 34428 – parking is only $5.


Once parked, grab your boards and hit the water.  There are a number of springs which are perfect for viewing Manatees.  Three Sisters Springs is a local favorite and great place to see these amazing creatures congregate.  Manatees are incredibly peaceful mammals that feed on seagrass throughout coastal waters and estuaries within this region – and are a protected spies that are safe to swim with, but you should watch this quick video to learn more about rules of how to swim and view them in nature.

From parking at Hunter Spring to Three Sisters is roughly a 1.5 mile paddle (round trip) that will take about 20 to 30 minutes each way at a steady pace, but not crazy fast.  While on your journey you’ll go by water front homes, Spanish moss draped trees, and the start of the manatee commute once you reach the narrow channels.


Once you arrive at Three Sisters, make sure you read up and adhere to the rules when entering the water to swim with the manatees, and enjoy the warm water, beautiful surroundings, and tranquil sea cows – it’ll be an experience you’re sure to remember.  Enjoy the paddle! #corethird


Here’s a peak under the water at the amazing Florida manatees

 Paddle boarding with Florida Manatees

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