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TAHOE 13'6" Inflatable Paddle board - Complete Kit
TAHOE 13'6" Inflatable Paddle board - Complete Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, TAHOE 13'6" Inflatable Paddle board - Complete Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, TAHOE 13'6" Inflatable Paddle board - Complete Kit

TAHOE 13'6" Inflatable Paddle board - Complete Kit

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Meet Tahoe- our largest and most streamlined board, geared towards the active adventurer!

At a 13’2” long, Tahoe is built to be pushed to the limits - allowing for faster speeds with its streamlined design that cuts through water with minimal resistance.

At 6” thick, you’re able to transport up to 400lbs of weight capacity, allowing you (and any gear) to be safely and comfortably cruising across the water with ease.

For exercise, adventure, or both - Tahoe is ready to be pushed to the limits.

Made to venture out

TAHOE is designed to speed over the smoothest waters and navigate turbulent seas. With a 13'6" long frame, you'll enjoy its stable structure, while pushing yourself to the limits.

Perfect fit for two

At a staggering 13'6" long, TAHOE has ample amount of space for two adults, and can easily handle a payload of 400lbs - perfect for hauling a filled ice chest to the next party!

Designed for adventure

With a 32" wide deck, tapered nose design to cut through water, and tie down section on the front of the board - TAHOE is made for speed, convenience and utility.

Easy pump & Enjoy

TAHOE not only comes with a travel backpack and paddle, but also with an included large capacity air pump, which allows you to quickly and easily inflate your board to 14-16 psi in no time!

Simple pump stages will allow you to fill your board efficiently with 3-steps, aimed at maximizing air intake while minimizing energy and effort. After inflation our included center fin simply slides and locks easily into place to complete your setup process!  

Time to paddle out and enjoy - adventure awaits!

Step 1 pumps <5psi // Step 2 5<10psi // Step 3 10-14psi

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
2 Doggos & 2 Adults

I wasn’t sure if this board could handle two adults and two small dogs, but it did. 
Love the design of this board and impressed that it performs better than I though. It’s a big board, but once it’s on the water, it felt nimble and easy to paddle. We tried with my friend on too, it was a bit more tipsy, but got the job done :)

Solid, stable board

I just got this board and have already used four times on the water. I was looking for a fast and stable inflatable that I could use with my dog. Glad I chose this one, it delivers as promised. I’m a big guy and chose this one because it supports up to 400 pounds. I’ve tried other smaller boards that felt like they were almost bending in half when I stood on them - not Tahoe!

An awesome touring board

I live right by Lake Michigan and have taken it out maybe thirty times this year. I’ve been impressed by the quality of construction. Even with some good waves (which we often get) it’s been very stable. The Paddle is okay, but I think I’d prefer a carbon fiber one, so I may upgrade that. The pump is good and takes about 10 minutes, but it is a bit of a workout. I picked up an electric pump and don’t regret it.

My Lab Loves It.

When fully inflated this is a big board! Just over 13’ of room is just what I need when paddling with my 65 pound lab. I inflated to 15 PSI, and the board was very rigid and sturdy. I was skeptical about an inflatable board, but this one has turned me into a believer.

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